Sweet Spot Cakery is a custom bakery established in 2017, specialising in cakes and baked goods using ingredients Nana would be proud of. Everything is made with love in my registered Class 2 kitchen based in Echuca, Victoria. We pride ourselves on baking cakes, cupcakes and other yummy baked goods to enhance your celebration allowing you to focus on just having fun. Our desire is to make cakes that taste as good as they look from scratch, using old fashioned recipes and ingredients.


A self taught baker, Paige has been baking and creating unsupervised from a very young age, the kitchen has always been a comfortable fit in her life, her “Sweet Spot”. Whilst her peers were out at the movies it wasn’t unusual to find Paige at home in the kitchen baking a new recipe or planning a three course meal. After leaving home, it was Paige her friends contacted when they had a baking question, a phenomenon that flows through until today.

In 2020 we decided to make our signature cake available for people to make in the comfort of their own kitchens with our Bake at Home range, allowing amateur bakers to get results to rival the professionals.


When she's not in the kitchen Paige enjoys spending time with my family and friends, sewing and avoiding folding my washing!